Sometimes you just need to test yourself.

I saw a photo online at The Week‘s Best Photojournalism of a racing sled dog, face on, with spittle and froth flying. I couldn’t resist the temptation of trying to paint doggie drool so I went for it. Well, I didn’t have high expectations but, hey, it turned out pretty good! So, because the image is not mine, but belongs to the Reuters photographer, Russell Cheyne, I messaged him to see what it would take to get permission. I don’t know if he gets these kinds of queries ad nauseum and doesn’t respond or if he never got my query, but I have received no response. So … I wanted to share this with you because I enjoyed doing it, but it is not for sale or dissemination because I don’t have the right. Please respect this. 
I feel very strongly about copyrights and creative property after 28 years as a graphic designer, experiencing my designs being taken, without payment, to the lowest bidder. It feels crappy and don’t do it to others but I might give this painting to a worthwhile charity to auction off. 

That said, this is Mush

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